Wish Tree

Hester Dapperen visits Den Hoorn frequently. She exhibited several times at Gallery Melk. Fabric plays a major role in her work. This time not in a painting, but in a real “wish tree”.

The purpose of the project is to make through art a new beginning during the economic recession by a free ‘ wish ‘ project. People were smiling, relaxed and there was a interaction between people the desire and the tree.

Wish Trees are usually not large, you can reach the branches. People hang strips of fabric of a garment of themselves or of someone beloved to make a wish. The wind takes the wish along…
Magic and superstition still play a role in 2009 in daily life. People are looking for symbols to which they grant magical powers, because Hope generates new life.

It is the intension, visitors to the Cliff Hanger tree, fill the tree with their wishes.
More than 1000 wishes have been made with little notes, with lucky charms from India and strips of fabric.

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