Color Field Paintings

This page shows an overview of the color field paintings by Hester van Dapperen. This series color field paintings is in constant development.


“When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.” – Billie Mobayed

Mutilations of historical works in museums inspired me to cut in planes of color. The knife in cloth gives a tension and requires an on-going effort of the painter. Sutures and operations with crooked needle and twine follows. The scars in combination with added paint become an integral part of the canvas. They lead the search for the essence behind the work.

Colorfield paintings are about feelings and presence of mind, the awareness of movements and shifts in emotions.
Colorfields are about the intensity of color and its effect on the maker and viewer, the personal experience. If the viewer is able to read the colorfield backwards, the viewer can follow the creative process the painter went through. Several aspects can make themselves known to the spectator.


“Being an artist I want to use and explore the characteristics of paint and fabric.
I like to use the fabric as a metaphor to make the source, under the surface, visible.
By using the paint and linen fabric in a visible way instead of using it as a tool to make an image, a new perception arises.

The materials I use are classic: linen, oil paint, brush, knife, needle and thread. Pigments to reach deeper tones.
Both the linen and the paint are added in layers. This creates a skin with its own identity, an infinity.
There are textile additions as patchwork, embroidery, cuts, holes and sutures.
The fabric is cut to waste, is torn, is transpierced and has been attached.
Colourfield paintings on linen with large stitches and pigments, it seems unknown and questions the spectator, where he is looking at.”For centuries we looked at the image presented to us, the visible canvas remained unseen”.


In most coloufield paintings, there is a hidden note. Prayers or wishes of people.
Sometimes it is in relief or engraved in the paint or there is a piece visible of a prayer note of a Chinese temple.
Some lyrics are a residu of the art project ‘The Wishing Tree’. An art participation project with the public in 2010

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