Dance Figures

  • Dance Figures is a painting on linen with embroidery's. It shows six dancing women. Behind the ballet girls is an embroidery in red of traces of dance figures and a light background in many shades. Used materials are acrylic paint, pigments and medium. Colors used are light, whites with vivid, vibrant parts,like yellow, red, and orange.
  • 150 x 85 cm
  • in private collection, Amsterdam

Berlin Blues, the Wall

  • This painting ‘Berlin Blues, the Wall' is telling a contemporary story of a walking woman with a child on her arm. Where is she coming from? Did she walk through the wall? The inspiration of this painting is the city of Berlin. Building walls is still an actual theme today.  The paintings of Hester van Dapperen often have an underlying current topic. Several aspects can reveal themselves to the spectator. 
Used materials are oil paint and pigments on linen
  • 70 x 100 cm
  • Available

Dancing Girls

  • Painting of five dancing girls, it represents a contemporary fairytale; tree nymphs protecting the trees, which are visible in the back of the painting. After being trapped by the forest wildfires of Pedrogao Grande, Portugal 2017, trees is a recurring theme in the paintings by Hester van Dapperen. It is painted on a double layered transparent surface, stretched on a frame of certified hardwood. The paint is acrylic mixed with pigments and medium, used colours are black white and gray.
  • 117 x 69 cm
  • Available

Trees 1

  • Painting in acrylic on linen of a row of trees
  • available

The white women

  • double layered transparant painting with acrylic paint
  • 70 c 50 cm
  • In private collection Dartington, United Kingdom

Walk in the woods

  • Acrylic and embroidery on transparent nylon
  • 115 x 50 cm
  • In private collection Den Hoorn