Transparent Paintings

Shadows, transparency in search of the soul

Transparent paintings created by contemporary Dutch visual artist Hester van Dapperen. Single sided and double sided transparent paintings. A frame with transparent fabric on both sides using the shadow effect as an addition to the painted imagery of the artwork. Abstract figures with a reflection on the second layer added with the natural shadow effect light has when it hits the transparent painting.

“Oil paint floats on a transparent surface, which gives an optical impact, but also refers to the two extremes of consciousness (we walk) and unconsciousness (our shadow walks). In the paintings people walk from nothing to nowhere, the surrounding is transparent, visible but hidden behind the daily routine. Plato wrote the story about shadows in a cave, forgetting the real light. The shadow is frequently explained as a, not yet recognised, reflection of the soul. The most beautiful metaphor about this I found in a children’s book, Griezelbus 4, by Paul van Loon, Once the horrifying shadows are recognised they become innocent like children” (quote Hester van Dapperen 2006).


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