Walking, transparent painting

  • Acryl on double layered transparent and a frame of hardwood
  • 100 x 162 cm
  • In corporate collection, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Transparent painting reflecting walking shadows of humans contemporary conceptual art by Hester van Dapperen. The painting shows figures on a double transparent surface
  • 30 x 30 cm
  • In private collection Amsterdam, the Netherlands

At the square

  • Acryl and pigments on transparent canvas
  • 125 x 75 cm
  • reserved

In Motion

  • Acrylic on double layered transparent surface
  • 180 x 105 cm
  • in private collection

five persons

  • Painting in commission. Material: acrylic paint, pigments and medium. Double layered transparent painting stretched on a frame of handmade hardwood
  • 104 x 180 cm
  • In private collection Heemstede, The Netherlands

Dancers in White

  • Double layered transparent painting with acrylic paint
  • 130 x 70 cm
  • Available