• Medium: Oil pogments and ink on linen with embroidery and patchwork. Painting of a woman walking in a striped landscape, in the background is a soldier visible. This painting is part of the series 'Canon from Holland'. War.
  • 75 x 85 cm
  • Available


  • Medium: Oil on linen.
  • 90 x 110 cm
  • In private collection, Amsterdam Painting of a woman seen from the back, walking in the landscape of Groningen, in the background the gaswinnig near Loppersum, The Netherlands. The towns and villages in the north of Groningen near the Dutch gas extraction, suffer from an increasing number of earthquakes. The houses and buildings are cracking and falling apart. This painting is made in 2013


  • Oil, pigments on linen
  • 100 x 100 cm
  • In private collection, Amsterdam NL