Artist Of The Day at Saatchi

  • On Sunday 13 September 2015 has elected me, as artist of the day. Saatchi promotes my work on their own sites and social media. All ' likes ', etc. are welcome.

Indian Yellow at the cover of ‘Situated Intervention’

  • On the bookcover of 'Situated Intervention' a book of Teun Zuiderent Jerak is the Colourfield painting-'Indian Yellow' by Hester van Dapperen
  • The publisher, MIT press in England, of of Teun Zuiderent Jerak, contacted me wether is was possible to use this painting for the cover of his book 'Situated Intervention'. Later I got a message of Teun Zuiderent Jerak himself. He explained: before they went to Sweden, they lived in the nabourhood of my studio in Amsterdam.
  • The book will be published around september 2015

The Wall chosen as main article in Saatchi newsletter this week

We were happily surprised to receive the following email:

Dear Fabulous Saatchi Online Artist,

I just wanted to inform you that you are currently being featured in our Newsletter, sent out today, March 22nd. Here is a direct link to the newsletter:

In our Newsletter, twice a week, we showcase a variety of strong works being submitted to the site and were impressed with your work.

Main artwork in Saatchi newsletter