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Contemporary visual Artist

Contemporary visual Artist

In my visual work, I am fascinated by the human in motion – my reflection of contemporary reality. 
I work in concepts; a clear idea is the essential foundation of my work.

I will often work with a concept for a period of many years, during which other nuances constantly emerge. My desire is always to go deeper than the visual image, the surface. My goal is to make the underlying more visible, and this goal places great importance on material used:

Making my own paint from original pigments can surprise with deep and vibrant tones.
The carrier is sometimes transparent. This creates depth, resulting in shadows.
I often work with textile additions such as patchwork, embroidery, holes and stitching.
I developed a fascination for textiles and ways of working with them as a fashion designer with Ollily and as a concept designer at Mexx before I became a visual artist.

The great metropolitan area of Amsterdam is the main source of my inspiration and my paintings often have a hidden social message. I want my work to be a source of discovery with the viewer finding more and more aspects that reveal themselves.


The Studio in Amsterdam is open on sunday afternoon on appoitment.

  • For information or a (non-binding) studio visit on sunday afternoon or another day at the Zeeburgerdijk 379, Amsterdam., call or email to GSM: + 31 6 123 64 341

The invisible wall

  • The afternoon in March 2020 was canceled by Covid-19. This four tych takes part in art-exchange and art-rental afternoon of 'Kunst op de Klapstoel'. Zamenhofstraat 150, 1022 AG Amsterdam. Register at
  • The paintings with profiles are 1 x 1 meter, the four-panel is 2 x 2 meter. Oil paint and pigments on linen.
  • Frederike de Voogt of 'Kunst op de klapstoel' writes the following: The paintings can be single, with two or even all four together! Wow. If you rent it, then you really have a different house for the next three months. Sturdy work of a fashion maker. This is sturdy work with thick layers of live paint, in which her history as a fashion maker can also be seen. The heads are framed by embroidery’s. Hester also makes beautiful work on transparent fabric. Behind which the underlying layer hints. And recently I also saw completely new work in her studio. Layers of paint, text, light spots as water droplets. And if you turn the lights off in the evening. Then a few of those circles glow. Wonderful work to disappear into. It is actually finished, but she still needs time to "look it up" to make sure it is ready. She is probably just not back in time from Portugal to talk about her work on 15 March. But then you have to come in on a Sunday in her studio at Zeeburgerdijk 379 in Amsterdam. Or call her for a (non-binding) visit in her studio.

Art Route in the historic town of Buren, the Netherlands, 30 May / 2 June 2019, 12 – 17 hrs.

  • Transparent paintings by Hester van Dapperen can be seen in the Marechaussee Museum.
  • Work of 25 Artists can be seen in The Synagogue, Atelier Raimonda, National Monument from 1633, the Former Regional Archive, the St. Lambertus Church and the Prince of Orange Windmill. Paintings, jewelry, sculptures, installations, ceramics, porcelain & felt, mixed media and photography.