Xtreme Blue

  • Blue oilpaint and pigments on linen
  • 40 x 40 cm
  • in private collection Bussum, the Netherlands

Indian Yellow

  • oil and pigments on linen with collage, cutting and stiches
  • 100 x 106 cm
  • In private collection Amsterdam

Who is afraid of green yellow red and blue

  • Four oil paintings colourfields in green, red, blue and yellow made by Hester van Dapperen made in commission. In this series of paintings, the paintings have a cut in the canvas, these are sutured with rope and partly covered with pigments and paint, there is no effort made to hide the cut. I am referring to the color fields of Barnett Newman, the painting Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue III, 1967-68, collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. It has been cut by someone which could not handle the impact of the colour field. It has been restored, but there was a lot of fuss about the quality of the restoration. The the cut was repaired invisibly and the the picture was overpainted with a wall paint roller to cover the damage. The restoration was heavily attacked by critics who claimed that subtle nuances in the three monochrome sections had been lost by using house paints and a roller. According to critics, the painting had been destroyed twice: first during the attack, and again during the restoration. I like to show the cut and stitches as a profound addition. If something has suffered damage, it does not need to be covered. It gets a history, a story that gets deeper and touches you more, a new meaning of beautiful. Idea of paintings in 4 colors for the hallway of Noelle Kennick.
  • 460 x 230 cm
  • in Private collection Bussum, The Netherlands


  • Colourfield painting with the title Temple, oil and pigments, collage of Chinese temple leaves and embroidery on linen
  • 71 x 50 cm
  • available

Russian Gold

  • Colourfield painting with the title Russian Gold, oil pigments patchwork and embroiderys on linen
  • 60 x 40 cm
  • available

Gold Red

  • Colourfield painting with the title Gold Red, oil, pigments, collage with embroidery's on linen
  • 60 x 40 cm
  • Available