Woman from Mars

  • Medium: Oil pogments and ink on linen with embroidery and patchwork. Painting of a woman walking in a striped landscape, in the background is (vaguely) a soldier visible.
  • 75 x 85 cm
  • Available

Reina, Queen Beatrix and Queen Maxima

  • Oil, pigments and embroidery on linen with the title 'Reina'. On the painting is the image of Queen Beatrix and Queen Maxima (in spe) visible, en profile and en face. In the neck ( the root ) of the painting, is the inscription 'Reina' visible. At the bottom on the right are two silver ovals fixed to the painting with raw embroidery. The painting is made with oil paint on linen. It is a contemporary fairy tale of the Royal Dutch family with Queen Mother and her Argentine daughter-in-law. I am quite intrigued by their personalitys. In the Dutch royal family the woman plays an important role. For the tree last generations there has been a queen only. Now for the first time after tree generations there will be a King and Maxima will get the title Queen.
  • 100 x 100 cm
  • Available in studio