The invisible wall

  • The afternoon in March 2020 was canceled by Covid-19. This four tych takes part in art-exchange and art-rental afternoon of 'Kunst op de Klapstoel'. Zamenhofstraat 150, 1022 AG Amsterdam. Register at
  • The paintings with profiles are 1 x 1 meter, the four-panel is 2 x 2 meter. Oil paint and pigments on linen.
  • Frederike de Voogt of 'Kunst op de klapstoel' writes the following: The paintings can be single, with two or even all four together! Wow. If you rent it, then you really have a different house for the next three months. Sturdy work of a fashion maker. This is sturdy work with thick layers of live paint, in which her history as a fashion maker can also be seen. The heads are framed by embroidery’s. Hester also makes beautiful work on transparent fabric. Behind which the underlying layer hints. And recently I also saw completely new work in her studio. Layers of paint, text, light spots as water droplets. And if you turn the lights off in the evening. Then a few of those circles glow. Wonderful work to disappear into. It is actually finished, but she still needs time to "look it up" to make sure it is ready. She is probably just not back in time from Portugal to talk about her work on 15 March. But then you have to come in on a Sunday in her studio at Zeeburgerdijk 379 in Amsterdam. Or call her for a (non-binding) visit in her studio.

Bathing girls in the mist

  • Collage painting of girls bathing in mist. The painting is made on top of a collage. Used materials are paint, pigment, medium.
  • 120 x 80 cm
  • Available in Studio

Dancing girls with flowers

  • Transparent painting with five dancing girls with little embroidered flowers on the transparent front layer and painted flowers on the backdrop. Made with acrylic paint, medium, pigment in white, black and pastel colors with embroidery in silver with contemporary artist Hester van Dapperen.
  • 109 x 70 cm
  • Available in Studio

Marathon, on transparent

  • The Marathon is a double-layer transparent painting on a hardwood frame. The painting is made with oil paint, silver thread embroidery and mother-of-pearl buttons. On the top layer you see the two fastest female runners in the Amsterdam Marathon. Every year they run past the studio of visual artist Hester van Dapperen. The mix of fragile and industrial materials emphasizes the contrast of the vulnerable creatures running around in the vast industrial urban environment in search of their natural habitat.
  • 150 x 105 cm
  • Available in studio


  • Medium: Oil on linen.
  • 90 x 110 cm
  • Available. Painting of a woman seen from the back, walking in the landscape of Groningen, in the background the gaswinnig near Loppersum, The Netherlands. The towns and villages in the north of Groningen near the Dutch gas extraction, suffer from an increasing number of earthquakes. The houses and buildings are cracking and falling apart. This painting is made in 2013

Berlin Blues, the Wall

  • This painting ‘Berlin Blues, the Wall' is telling a contemporary story of a walking woman with a child on her arm. Where is she coming from? Did she walk through the wall? The inspiration of this painting is the city of Berlin. Building walls is still an actual theme today.  The paintings of Hester van Dapperen often have an underlying current topic. Several aspects can reveal themselves to the spectator. 
Used materials are oil paint and pigments on linen
  • 70 x 100 cm
  • Available