Projection Reflex art installation

“The goal of this art installation is to shift the attention away from yourself to the unknown. I paint the emptyness. The spectator’s shadow is the temporary actor in the painting/object. The brief moment in which inspiration and contemplation connect. The projection arises and the reflection follows: Meet your shadow.”

Description of the concept

The space is dusky, three spots illuminate three canvasses, sewed in a triangle. The canvas is treated with stitches and pigments. Centrally positioned in the hall hangs a object loosely. A person steps in the spotlight, a part of the light is interrupted. The shadow falls on the canvas, the painted area is temporarily finished. The closer the person approaches the canvas, the larger the shadow gets, impossible to avoid.


in association with the spectator


triangle with sides of 2m x 8m


pigment oil linnen, spots


Testportal: 25 International Now Artists, NDSM Amsterdam, 2003

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