Broedjurk (in cooperation with Atten van der Vlugt)

The idea for the ‘Broedjurk’ arose because of the chicken disease that struck Holland at the time.

The broedjurk is large and made of rags, The space under the skirt represents another world, sheltered from society. The cup implants with the enormous amount of eggs stand for the huge exploitation by the bio-industry on one side and the fragility of nature on the other.

The Broedjurk reflects a contrast between artists’ freedom, creativity, space and time as the highest aim. Yet for the bio-industry a maximum profit in a minimum of time and space is what counts.

Art installation comes to life in association with public.




3.10 m. by 3.50 m.

Shown at:

Expo ‘broedplaatsen Arti et Amicitiae’ Amsterdam 2004,
‘Kunstvlaai 2004’ Westergasfabriek Amsterdam,
‘Nest’ kunsthuis Secretarie 2004/2005 Meppel,
Expo ‘tune the light’, Erco Naarden.
Open Studios at Rijkshemelvaart and Nieuw en Meer

Art Installation Broedjurk was subsidised by Amsterdams fonds voor de kunsten

Test Portal

Projection Reflex art installation

During the bi-annual international Now Art exhibition Testportal at the Docklands in Amsterdam, contemporary Dutch visual artist Hester van Dapperen was invited to create an art installation in participation with the audience and other artists.

Art installation ‘Projection Reflex’ aims at audience participation. Three large colourfields catch the shadows that are created when people enter the area where the art installation is set up. Beamed light hits the participating audience which in turn creates the dropshadows on the colourfield painting. When this occurs the painting is temporarily complete.

Projection Reflex art installation

“The goal of this art installation is to shift the attention away from yourself to the unknown. I paint the emptyness. The spectator’s shadow is the temporary actor in the painting/object. The brief moment in which inspiration and contemplation connect. The projection arises and the reflection follows: Meet your shadow.”

Description of the concept

The space is dusky, three spots illuminate three canvasses, sewed in a triangle. The canvas is treated with stitches and pigments. Centrally positioned in the hall hangs a object loosely. A person steps in the spotlight, a part of the light is interrupted. The shadow falls on the canvas, the painted area is temporarily finished. The closer the person approaches the canvas, the larger the shadow gets, impossible to avoid.


in association with the spectator


triangle with sides of 2m x 8m


pigment oil linnen, spots


Testportal: 25 International Now Artists, NDSM Amsterdam, 2003

Error of Terror

“The error of terror installation, by VRD8 (with Atten van der Vlugt) May 2004

This project is a study about the question: who is the messenger of a relatively confidence-building universal message, a priest, a president… It examines what the message can produce.

The project has three stages. Part 1, An installation with subtitled pictures in the bushes of the Nieuw en Meer. In the middle is a deserted battlefield. Part 2, A manipulation of subtitled pictures, a new message appears. Part 3, Everybody is welcome to step up the stage of the future with the welcoming text:

Stage of the future

Freedom of speech

To those that challenge freedom

On the Box

Ventilate your thoughts

Sound-artists, speakers, poets, naggers, participants and projection developers

Sculpture for Wentink

At the end of the year 2005 Wentink Architects asked Hester van Dapperen to create a sculpture inspired, based on the looks of their new company logo.

Because van Dapperens’ main focus lies with painting this turned out to be a challenge of some kind.All Posts

Sculpture, logo in 3D

The artwork is in five parts.

Ledlights are placed inside the sculpture

Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 40 cm