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Studio Zeeburgerdijk

  • Atelier Hester van Dapperen
  • Most sunday afternoons I work in my studio and you are welcome, GSM +31 6 12364341, During the week open on appointment.
  • Zeeburgerdijk 379 Amsterdam

Most Recent

David Simon Contemporary


  • Bath, United Kingdom
  • april 14 - 30 2016, During the Fashion Week
  • 4 Barlett street Bath BA1 2QZ

I am happy to announce that eleven of my paintings are currently at an exhibition in Bath (UK) during The Fashion Week.

Among others  ‘The White Women’, ‘Study for the stockmarket’ (as shown above) and ‘iI dream of  New York’ will be shown.

The white women

  • double layered transparant painting with acrylic paint
  • 70 c 50 cm
  • In private collection Dartington, United Kingdom

I dream of New York

  • double layered transparent painting
  • 55 x 100 cm
  • In private collection Diepenheim, NL

100 years, transparent painting with embroidery

  • Painting in Commission. The persons in the painting are together 100 years. In the painting, on the dress the girl there are Mother of Pearl buttons. The hats and the ball are embroidered with silver thread and colored yarn to offer in an Indian Temple. In the background are trees Betuwe NL, This area is well known for it's Fruit trees.
  • 100 x 180 cm
  • In private collection Kerk Avezaath NL.

Und Dich 2, on linen with embroidery

  • Painting with oil and pigments on linen, embroidery, mother of pearl buttons, collage mixed media.
  • 100 x 70 cm
  • In private collection Amsterdam, NL.

The ball, transparent painting

  • The ball, transparent painting of childeren playing with a ball on the streets of Los Angeles.
  • 120 x 80 cm
  • In private collection, Bussum, NL


  • Contemporary oil painting, city of Berlin, the contradiction a city of art and the Berlin wall.
  • 160 x 106 cm
  • In private collection Berlin, Germany


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  • Exhibitions

    David Simon Contemporary

    painting Hester van Dapperen - David Simon Contemporary Art
    • Bath, United Kingdom
    • april 14 - 30 2016, During the Fashion Week
    • 4 Barlett street Bath BA1 2QZ

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    Contemporary visual Artist

    Contemporary visual Artist

    About the artist

    Contemporary visual artist Hester van Dapperen is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Currently looking for exhibition opportunities in foreign countries. Interested in finding representatives in the US, Latin-America, Asia and Europe.

    ABOUT the artist her work

    Hester van Dapperen explores new ways. She paints persons in motion on a background of modern life. The paintings are often on a transparent carrier, most with textile insertions.
    She finds her inspiration in the urban environment of the metropolitan area. 
The paintings often have a subliminal contemporary social message. 
Several aspects can reveal themselves to the spectator.

    It began with the completion of the fashion Academy in Amsterdam and designing for well-known clothing brands like Oilily and Mexx. However her passion for painting and making objects made sure that Hester is now an established visual artist.
    She was selected for the master class of the well-known German artist Jorg Immendorff. Hester works in concepts, with a clear idea, the human in motion. She also wants to make the importance of the used material visible, such as with the transparent paintings in layers.
    Her paintings are regularly exhibited and also collected abroad; Her work regularly gets a central place at the international (US) artsite
    It is possible to visit her studio in Amsterdam, on appointment.


    “In my paintings I am fascinated by the human in motion. I often work for years with a concept; in wich new nuances arise.
    The role of the material used is also important:
    -My favourite carrier is transparent. It creates an effect of fragility, depth and shadows.
    -I like to use textile additions like patchwork, holes, cuts and sutures, embroidery, or mother of Pearl buttons.
    -The use of pigments. By making paint with pigments, the tone can be surprisingly deeper, more shiny or matt.
    As I was a fashion designer before being a contemporay artist, many of my paintings have traces of fashion and textile additions “.